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Selling to the government is like skydiving... very exciting, statistically safe, but you have do it right every time.




Many manufacturers sell directly to the government, but also sell through reliable channel partners like Cuna Supply at the same time. It makes good business sense.




Your firm undoubtedly provides excellent products and may have thought about entering the government market.


But to do that, you need fast results without busting your budget.


Now, you may have encountered a number of firms that promise to get you a no-bid government contract or guarantee you will win government bids - for a hefty fee.  We don't do that.


Cuna Supply can introduce and sell your eligible products to the federal government. We handle the dreaded red tape, paperwork, and reports that made you hesitate in the first place.




The federal government supports small business, but small business programs are not its first priority. Our nation's government is BIG; it thinks BIG; it buys BIG.


That's why many "small" government contract opportunities easily exceed the resources of one small business - and that's why small businesses should TEAM.


When two or more companies join forces , the team can offer the government a combination of capabilities and resources that none can offer alone. Big or small, virtually all experienced government contractors form teams at some point


Small business owners trying to enter the government sector are justifiably skeptical about the concept of teaming. Forming successful teams

Cuna Supply has a proven track record as a team leader and team member, and our GSA contracts allow us to put together attractive packages of products and services for long-term opportunities.


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