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 Industrial Products

Our last name is what we do best, and that is why Cuna Supply doesn't assemble, build, construct, design, engineer, fabricate, or manufacture anything.  

Fortunately for all concerned, highly-experienced manufacturers make everything we furnish

Here's a list of some of the industrial products Cuna Supply will go all-out to SEEK, FIND, & DELIVER.


Abrasives, Adhesives

Air Filtration & Purification


Bins, Boxes, Cases

Construction Materials

Coveralls, Protective Gear

Cutting Tools

Electrical Hardware

Environmental Cleanup

Fasteners, Clamps, Straps

First Aid Kits

Flooring, Carpet, Tile

General Hardware

Grounding & Bonding Hardware

Hand Tools

Identification Labels

Janitorial Supplies


Markers & Tags

Material Handling Equip

Medical Hardware

Moisture Barrier

Paints & Protective Coatings

Power Tools & Accessories

Production Equipment

Pumps, Tanks, Controls

Respirators & Filters

Roofing Membranes & Liners

Safety & Security

Sealants and Caulk

Shelving and Racks

Stationary Power Tools

Storage Cabinets

Surge Protection, UPS


Tarps & Temporary Shelters

Test Instruments

Waterproofing Compounds

Welding Equipment


Sourcing and supply are what we know and do best, so we try to drop terms like "demand spike", "just-in-time", and "safety stock" into every discussion. It's great fun for us, but tends to derail conversations about entertainment, sports, politics, etc. But please don’t think we’re totally obsessed with our work; we’re just very, very, very focused.

Ps. If you’re still reading this page, you’ve probably been called “very, very, very focused” (or something similar) too.  Please accept our congratulations!


Cuna Supply LLC is a Certified Texas HUB

 We accept government & corporate purchase cards